Visiting Universal Studios, Florida

Visiting Universal Studios, Florida

Universal Studios, Florida is one of the essential places to visit when you are on vacation in Florida. There is no other theme park like it. If you love watching movies and TV shows, then you will enjoy visiting this park. They offer attractions from some of the top movies and shows; this gives you an opportunity to feel like you are part of your favorite movie or show. Some of the attractions you can experience are Jaws, E. T. Adventure, Revenge of the Mummy and even Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. You are sure to be able to experience one of your favorites at Universal Studios.

The rides are super cool life like experiences that you will never forget. Have you ever watched the movie E. T.? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like flying around on a bicycle? Well, now you can have that opportunity with the E. T. Adventure ride. You will get on board and fly through the air over the city, and past the moon and the stars. But wait, the best part to come is at the end of the journey when you get to see E. T. waiting to thank you. This is a ride the whole family can enjoy together. And, they will be talking about it years later. Just watching the wonder and excitement on your child's face when they see E. T. at the end is enough to make the ride special. There is no other place to find a ride with this much excitement for the whole family to enjoy. Now you can tell everybody you know what it feels like to ride through the air on a bicycle!

If you prefer a little more excitement, you might like the Jaws ride. If you have watched the movie, you know to be prepared for the unexpected appearance of a great big shark. The Jaws ride is no different. You will see a big fin in the water, and feel the boat rocking and rocking; and, then watch out Jaws shows up where you least expect him scaring the scream out of you. He shows you all those teeth, and you are face to face with a large shark. This is something you would never expect to happen when you go on a leisurely boat ride. Now you want to get back to the safety of the shore, but wait the ride is not over yet! Jaws may make some additional appearances before you arrive safely back on shore. So watch out it could happen on your side of the boat next!

With all the different rides and shows, there is sure to be something for everybody to enjoy. Do you like roller coasters? The Revenge of the Mummy is a roller coaster ride like none other. Just when you are settling back for a normal roller coaster ride, you are plunged into darkness and are faced with fireballs, beetles and mummies. You are now in the middle of all the action of The Revenge of the Mummy. By now you are starting to wonder if you will survive this ride. With all the special effects, Universal Studios' rides are an out-of-this-world experience. You do not want to miss any of the rides or attractions while you are at this theme park.

By now you may need a break from the theme rides, so why not take in one of their famous shows. One of their live shows is the Horror Makeup Show. This show gives you an up-close look at how Hollywood does make-up and special effects for their hit movies. They give demonstrations on putting make-up on all those scary creatures. There will be clips from some of the movies, as well as props to see. But, if you're not into horror and make-up, you might prefer something a little less scary like a live animal show. They will even let the audience be a part of the show; it is a show that will entertain the whole family. Animals are amazing creatures that can entertain in such unexpected ways without even trying to.

Now that you have had a little break, it is time to get that adrenaline pumping again with the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit! You will be going up and up at 65 mph until you are 17 stories over the studios. At least they let you choose some music to listen to while you are traveling up; maybe this is so you won't hear yourself scream as you are traveling at such a fast speed up those 17 stories. This ride becomes even more adventurous since your ride is all recorded on a video along with the music. It will be available for you to buy a copy as a souvenir of the amazing yet terrifying tower like coaster ride. Universal Studios' tallest roller coaster experience is sure to be one experience you will want to share with others.

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be in a real tornado? Well, at Universal Studio you can experience it safely on Twister Ride It Out. The winds are strong so grab onto somebody or the railing and hang on. The sounds and the feel will make you think you are really in a twister. The F5 tornado will destroy everything it comes in contact with from windows, trucks, and even large signs, and guess where you are; right there in the middle of the tornado to experience it first-hand. Once back outside of this ride, you will be happy to see it was only a ride and not a real tornado.

Universal Studios, Florida has something for every member of your family; from the youngest to the oldest. There is something for the dare devils and the not so daring members. There are roller coaster rides, animal shows, and even real life-like experiences. No other theme park offers the thrills and experiences that you will find at Universal Studios in Florida.