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Welcome to the Orlando Obsession Forum!!

This forum is aimed at fans of Orlando, Florida.

Everyone is welcome here, free to discuss favourite holidays at Disney World, or Universal etc. Share your stories and experiences, chat with others and have fun.

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Looking good! When will everything be set up?

Barb White
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Hi all, how u doing? I am new to the forum and glad to be here, I look forward to getting more info about my beloved city of Orlando. Hope to share and learn here and make new friends along the way,..

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hey whts up? just joined the forum, am planning to move to Orlando so want to learn as much as I can about the city, I hope you guys share lots of information about the city for newbie ;) I been to Jacksoonville and Miami in the state. I luv the year long weather in this state!

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Hey Danielle, how are you? Good Job here, I am already enjoying the forum and live topics here. Barb good to see you are Dentist, next time I will run into you for my fillings... Where is the office at? What about you Jenny, what you do for living, you already have a job here or what?

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Hey Everybody! I've lived in the Orlando area for about 15 years and can't imagine living anywhere else! Looking forward to talking to you all about the best city in the World!